Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sensa vs. Fuego

There's this amazing restaurant in TX called "Fuego". It is my kryptonite.

I usually inhale the shrimp taco and wonder who took my food after ("blast them!").

Tonight I tried salty Sensa on my taco. Lo and behold, while I ate most of it, I DID slow down and leave a bit behind.

I would say that for me, it stops the inhaling of certain foods.

I will use it when I am powerless against the fuego...

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Year end cyber bully

As 2012 comes to a close, I've learned a few things:
1. That this food challenge is hard and sad
2. That I'm really hard on myself and a bit of a cyber bully to myself
3. That WW really worked for the first 11-14 lbs
4. That French and Asian foods agree with me
5. That I now hate chicken
6. That low-fat made me fatter
6. That my fiancé' loves me no matter what .
And that doing my blog via iPad is a challenge
And that 7 comes after 6.....
So, I won't make any resolutions here that are tough and Marine-like. I won't go to any more nutritionists because my body is truly not of this planet.

What will I do?
Continue to do WW online via the iPhone I will be getting soon.
Continue to increase my exercise by doing a variety of things.
Eat food that is Parisien or Asian and tasty
Drink red wine
Drink light beer

Friday, December 14, 2012

"Veggie Burger" Epic McFail...

Veggie burger. What do you imagine?

Boca burger or bean patty of some kind, yes? It IS, after all, nearly 2013 and these things exist in regular grocery stores...

But no.

This is a veggie burger Mc edition:
Lettuce-special request
Tomato-special request
2 pickles-special request. They are yellow btw


It was inedible.

Sonic came to the rescue with a decent Jr. Deluxe.

Epic McFail!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sensa and Sensibility

Another product I saw on Dr. Oz.

Sensa sprinkle powder for weight loss. 1 side is salty, the other, sweet.

Although it may have some allergens, anytime I get the chance to experiment, I'm intrigued and find it my scientific duty to investigate and report back.

I've heard that it works on some people and not others. Skeptical, I sprinkled it on something salty and fatty.

In about 30 seconds, I didn't feel differently but I THOUGHT differently. "Hmm, I've had enough of that food".

I tried it again on Holiday luncheon food: trout with crab, mashed potatoes, veggies. It seemed to work on the potatoes-normally I inhale them. I ate them slowly and was satisfied with half. That's the first time it has ever happened between me and mashed potatoes...

Now to the coup d'etat: cheesecake.

I sprinkled the sweet side on it and voila. 3 tiny bites felt like I had eaten 3 big pieces.

Yesterday, I thought I would give Sensa a real challenge: Sonic Jr. Burger and fries. I was hoping after 3 bites I would have had enough. I felt satisfied @ 2/3 into the burger. Most of the fries. Normally I inhale both and want more and more and feel deprived until my stomach catches up.

20 min later I ate the rest of the burger and fries. But I DID NOT try to scam any of my bf's fries, so that's a big improvement.

So, so far, I think it could be useful:

Helps me not absolutley INHALE food and wonder who took it. I feel satisfied after eating a few bites instead of ravenous and wanting more or deprived.

Next I will try it on chocolate brownies, pizza and Nit Noi "Hurry Curry".

*Definitely worth a try!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wholly Shirataki, Batman! Noodles!!

I love noodles.

Always have.

Made me a chubby kid.

And now, I have found possible noodle nirvana:

Shiritaki noodles, also known as Konjac root yam noodles.

Entire bag has 10 calories. 10. Omg.

Noodle Heaven:
1 bag "yam" noodles (made from Konjac root yam), drained.
1 tsp chili oil

Heat noodles. Add oil and salt to taste.


Be careful when choosing the chili oil if you have soybean or peanut allergy. I had to choose the peanut one.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romancing the Marine

I get into these military-martyr modes:

Excercise 1 hour/day hard.

Minimal food (fuel). Low carbs, good fats:

*2 eggs for breakfast.
*Kale and avocado salad for lunch.
*Seaweed for snack.
*Vega protein shake for dinner.

And that's it.
If my stomach complains, it gets more kale. "Take that!"

"Hungry ma'am?!"
"No, ma'am! Never hungry ma'am! More torture, please!"

And then.

I have a life. A romantic one.

A random Wednesday night and text from bf: "dinner out? I already ordered some wine"

The Marine weighs this carefully-hmmm, I DID do a HARD hour to Ferry Corsten trance today on the elliptical..."Yes, please.."(I'll just have 1 small glass of wine..)

"I'll have the fish" (very sensible).
Waiter keeps filling wine glass...

Dinner arrives. Flaky grouper on mashy potatoes and caramelized greens, shiny with butter...oh.

And shared carrot cake with sugary nuts to boot. Oi

Glittery eyes of bf holding Marine-girl's hand...she is defenseless...

"I just couldn't face another night of turkey and avocados and grapes" he says.

"I know", I say "the Marine was prepared for another night of kale and hunger. The xmas party is in 2 days. You guys can hide behind trousers and jackets. We ladies have no where to hide in holiday dresses."

Tomorrow, resolve. Eggs, kale and more trance on the elliptical...or drop and give me 20...

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

6 pt 'key lime pie'

Its the Holidays. And there it is:

KEY LIME pie staring me in the face.

If it wasn't for the fact that
*I don't like merengue
*i don't like fluffy pie filling
*wheat hurts me so much

I would have been tempted.

I found an alternative:
1 cup fat free Ready Whip spray sprayed into a mug
Lime or lemon juice dribbled on top
Repeat-6 pts

I know the Ready Whip is dairy, but if I can find some fat-free, non may be better...

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5 point chili n beer


Pro Football.


Now how to make a chili that's low in points to also have some beer:

I know that any meat is 1pt/ounce. That's not a lot of meat to have to make 5pt or less chili.

Here's what I did:
Make chili as usual with chicken meat for you bf or family.

2lbs ground chicken-lean, browned.
2 Alarm chili kit sans masa(corn meal)
2 6 oz cans tomato sauce
4 6oz cans water

For yourself:
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes
Sauce only from the chili
Zap until hot
Sprinkle w/ small amt parm
3 points

Miller 64 beer to drink
2 point

Watch the game.

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The holidays are over


5 days off-awesome!

But. Life has a nice surprise for you!

You have won: KIDNEY INFECTION. Comes with fever, chills, horrible back pain and a trip to the ER!


Shopping for turkey fresh from the ER. Bring it! Did it! Master of HEB!

By day 4 am feeling good aside from the ExCRUTIATING pain from a few days of wheat.

I review my blog, prepping for my year-end reflection on food and health challenges.

Feeling cocky after a new haircut, I indulge in some of this "Indulgent Trail Mix" (for all the trails I'm going on with kidney infection in tow).

6 days from company xmas party. #$*k!

Here's what's next: 6 days of mostly liquid diet and no wine.

The good news: I have "amazing meal" in my arsenal. The bad news: I have to go to Whole Foods. In Person...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does Seaweed or Jellyfish have fewer ww points?

What?! Got to shop @ my new fav grocery store. 99 Ranch is a big Asian market that has almost everything (except moon cake but I digress...). Including Dim Sum shrimp dumplings!

I have had a TERRIBLE craving for dumplings since Singapore.

Tried dousing myself with salt. Nope.

8 dumplings, 10 points. Totally worth it...

Oh, sorry-got off track...dreaming of dumplings...

"Instant" chili Jellyfish. The main reason I came here. Low in points and high on flavour. I got several packets that looked right and had "chili flavor" on the outside.

Turns out those are "thin seaweed". Had some-delicious! And only 1 point. Great for lunch or snacks. 10 carbs.

So, now the question is-Jellyfish or Seaweed?

The good thing about the seaweed is for the thyroid perhaps...

"You're on crack!".

No. Its Seaweed. Or jellyfish.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little fishy!

Sardines-I know what you're thinking and so did I-eww! Sick. Oily with bones and eyeballs, but no!

They have changed!
I saw it on the confusing and overwhelming world that can be Dr. Oz marathon on a weekend with DVR. (Woa, dang, I need a shower..)

"Anti-aging"? My ears always perk up. And then.


On a table. Eyeballs. Blood.

No purple gloves.

I thought-oh, ok...let's go look in the pantry...

Sardines. Boneless. Skinless. Water. Hmm..

I added to a can 1T veganaise and dill pickles and tasted-hmm. Good. I put on rice bread toast. Excellent.

Use my geeky WW app to scan the UPC for points-3! Awesome!

Move over crab and tuna! I just ordered a case of 12 from :p
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Friday, October 26, 2012

"If all you can do is walk in place during commercials, do it"

The quote that got me motivated to do Workout 1, week 1 AGAIN of Ms. Michael's Body Revolution.

The last one I did this week made me upchuck my rolled oats, vitamins, bioidentical compounded hormones$$ and Skinny B. Damn! That was a spendy hurl! And, as a grownup, unless you have fever, vomiting no excuse not to go to work : /

I was "pintering" and came across a fellow food blogger's vegan treats and started reading about Emily. OMFG. Hysterical! I can't stop reading it.

And don't you know? I managed to get thru the ENTIRE workout, sans hurling and it was fairly easy!

Idk if I'm quite up to 5x week yet, but perhaps soon.

It's been 3 weeks since the donkey broke my nose. So I can't use that excuse anymore either...

Tomorrow night is dancing. Dressed as Minnie, we'll see what sort of trouble and hurling oCcurs..

In the meantime, I'll at least walk in place during the commercials.. ;)

Pic of me 14 lbs lighter. I'm getting closer...
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Trying not to track and hand tricks

Ok-so this week I tried not to track with my ipad and see how I did. I bet I didn't loose a bunch, but hopefully didn't gain. I'm finally over broken nose (petting a donkey-yes, really) and the flu-cough-malaise-croup. I have some energy to finish my Halloween costume (its a secret) and possibly excercise-yay!
This is a cool Weight Watcher's tool to help with portions:

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You know you are loved when breakfast is a smiley face!

I feel sooo loved. My bf made me a smiley-face, low point, allergy-free breakfast. Parisien omlette (3 whites, 1 yolk cooked in melted blue cheese). Banana with low point peanut butter, strawberries and avocado with Shiracha sauce :p
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'll be your freedom fighter!

Back from Singapore- land of dumplings and no PDA in public, to the land of dirty gum everywhere, being able to kiss my bf in public, allergy-free foods and nutritional information.

It's a good thing I have access again to light beer, my WW app and nutritional information. I put on 3lbs from all those goodies DESPITE all the WALKING EVERYWHERE.

It was actually very difficult to avoid all the wheat and grease-dumplings, toast, BUTTER, champagne and BEER.

I felt hungry ALL THE TIME. Was glad I gained only 3lbs. Gives me a week to get back to normal...

The dinosaurs may still be around if their hands could have held a can or box with nutritional info..
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost the Full Monty

'First Breakfast'. Baked Beans.
Apparently quite common in the UK. For breakfast. In fact, 90 pct of baked beans are eaten by UK'ers.

When first served this in Singapore, I realised what it was from watching BBC America. (Who syas trash tv not infomative?)

In the UK, its considered part of a full breakfast (eggies, bacon, beans) and slang "the Full Monty".
Being hungry, I ate it for the first and last time unless I get very hungry again or someone brings a cheap side to a 4th of July bbq.
I have *posed* the beans in a pretty 'Pinterest' type style *thusly* with coffee and a flower.
For now, I shall remain the 10pct and keep my trousers on...
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

If there are cartoon shrimp then I might not notice any formaldehyde...

Nutritional information. We take it for granted perhaps. I wonder if the Singaporians have ever asked "how many WW points in a Tiger beer?". Probably not. I don't see a weight issue here. Perhaps like Paris-from all the walking. I gage beer points buy color-it wasn't yellow or dark amber but light amber, so am guessing regular beer-5 pts. 1 gets me buzzed so I can pace it. At the mall 7-Eleven, I wanted to try so many packaged foods-especially if cute pandas and cartoon shrimp were involved....but no nutritional information. Who knows? It could be shrimp + sugar + formaldehyde...I was good. I found the Venn diagram of nutritional info + cute cartoon + few allergens. 4 pts/serving-thats half the bag I can snarf if needed. Btw, the information even noted that the pea shape was not natural-a machine had stamped the pods. Still yummy-tastes like Funyuns. Yay.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I can't wait until my Amazon powdered peanut flour arrives!"

20 years ago I would not have understood what I just wrote in my title. 1992. We had "ethernet" and "this cool thing called email". I think.
A tintype of a French ancestor from 1850's because of the "back in the day...." I could not find any 1990's pic of me with bad 90's hair that  I am brave enough to share...
"c'est qua?"

Peanut butter on bananas is a dream. I usually get natural creamy PB and pour out the oil to save on fat and calories. I get my "good fats" from avocados and krill oil. Then I did some "mathlete" nutrition figuring on the natural peanut butter:
I put in the total fat, carbs, fiber and protein of the entire jar. It came out to be something like 123 Weight Watcher points. Then I looked up how much oil there is on the surface-2''. Then calculated the volume of a cylinder for the oil. Pi was involved. 3.14...., not the good, gooey fattening kind.

Anyhow, it brought total points down to 98. I then divided that by the number of Tablespoons-46 and figured about 2 points/Tablespoon.
Now, you would think that all that work (Pi people!) it would have significantly reduced the points, but no. I was looking for 1 point for 2 Tablespoons and searched ALL OVER the "interweb".

Ingredients are sneaky: "all natural" means there is some kind of sugar in there. Sugar-free means there are probably CORN-derived chemicals in there.

Then, the holy grail-the Venn diagram of  Ingredients:Peanuts + available on
No chemicals. No wandering the patchouli-scented narrow aisles frustrated and lost!

"And the angels wept...and the ancestors said 'qua?'"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I tend to lose fat..from my ears..not my butt

First the good news: I'm down 14 lbs. Near my 10pct goal on weight Watchers! Bustline in tact. Now the bad news: I'm losing fat..from my ears! Wait?! What?!
It's a condition I had since 2004 when I lost all my hormones and it's called "bilateral Patulous Eustacheon Tube" or PET. This means the fat pads around my eustacheon tubes that keep them closed when standing or sitting go when I lose weight. One of those key moments in life when the specialist has another world specialist come over and say (whilst you're on exam table) "you've gotta see this!" I swear to God. When I am standing, it's a constant clicking and roaring sound like I'm in the ocean surf with swirling Dolphins. Makes it hard to concentrate or hear anyone speak. There is no cure yet (tried graft implants-no luck). The only thing that works is patulEND drops from a researcher in Santa Barbara. Its basically concentrated swimming pool chemical drops sniffed up the nose to cause irritation and swelling of the pads. So that's super fun! Ok life! You can try to kill me but I will find a clever way to beat you. So neeah.. :p
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Smirks n Sloppy Joe's...

It's here. The end of my doctor approved "take it easy" time...time catching up on "Dexter" and lounging with my favorite blankie (red in photo). The DVD's that my evil alter-ego ordered also arrived. Sleek, marketing...sleek photos and 15 DVD's. 15, people! 1 for each week, 30mins/day. She's a well-known trainer, sleek, with that smirk. That she was a chubby kid gives her street creds but that she can have DAIRY and still has her own thyroid...I digress (mine was irradiated in 1999). Maybe I'm a little OCD here but I MUST count how many different poses she does...about 16 and number of different workout bras-7. I have 1 expensive "Enell" to "keep the girls under control". She's smirking at me but I bet she's REALLY thinking "I could go for some Sloppy Joe's!"
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Friday, August 24, 2012

A tisket, a tasket, now pass that basket!

Red Lobster biscuits. Yea, you know what I'm talking about...those cheesy lard discs that are one of the most amazing foods created. If I remember correctly. It's been years since I had one and here they were. At lunch with a friend. Staring at me. (The biscuits, not my friend)...I'm so proud. I resisted and its paying off. My fav. ring is loose and my ear is going wonky (more on that next time). Just for grins..let's google "red lobster biscuit points plus"... I guessed 20points each. Turns out only 4.5. Same as a glass of wine. I could have had one! Arggg!!! "Pass the basket!!!"
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My workout is watching Dexter and being Parisian

I have lost 10lbs and I don't know how...sitting and watching Dexter while sipping a small glass of wine and eating omelets with avocado. I'm on medical rest for another 2 weeks, so cannot exercise (oh darn..). Weight Watchers is working. I haven't been @ this weight in 2 years. And I'm eating the foods I love-French food-1 yolk, 4 white omelets cooked over 1 tsp Roquefort with Shiracha sauce and half an avocado. Je suis une parisien :). Weight Watcher app gave me a happy, bouncing 5pct lost star! Yay! Maybe food is NOT so bad...
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Are you a SUPERDORK?

Do you like Cooking? (Um..yes). Do you like Muppets? (Yyess..). You're a DORK
Do you like tracking via apps? (Yess..). Do you take pics of your food? (Guilty..). You're a SUPERDORK. I just finished making a splendid salad with homemade blackberry vinagrette. Homemade, people (ok, I just mashed some berries with a few sprays of oil and balsamic). A few months ago I read somewhere that a guy knew his gf was a DORK because she liked cooking. And muppets. I love both plus aforemntioned WW geeky apps and my phone camera. So, I suppose I am a SUPERDORK. "SD". Cape. Tutu. Yea, I can picture it... SUPERDORK Chicken Salad: 3 0z chicken breast-cooked and sliced. Greens. Handful of mashed berries + 2 tsp balsamic vinagar+3 sprays olive oil. 1/2 avocado (I like mine w Shiracha sauce in middle). Toss salad. Place avocado strategically on plate to eat last as a treat.
8 WW points.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weight Watchers, leg warmers, Madea and my inner geek...

"Oh hell no." Said Madea in my head when my nephologist told me to start Weight Watchers. Visions of horrible, salty, over-processed packaged "food" and leg warmers came to mind. I argued "I have been starving on 800 calories/day and using "My Fitness Pal" app. He rebuffed: "I had that app too and gained weight on it". He wouldn't take no for an answer and I thought-well, right, I'm gaining weight on it too, what the heck. I'll research WW's and prove him wrong. But the WW of 2012 has gadgety apps. I'm so a sucker for gadgety apps and calculators and barcode scanners. For less than $20/month I signed up for the gadgety app online program and so far, its fun-even my bf is interested and wants to see the gadgets. I'm self-motivated, so meetings wouldn't help me (also, they mentioned you could bring kids.."Oh helll no.."). I have the PointsPlus@ apps on my ipad barcode scanner that instantly tells me points from most foods with a barcode 2. Calculator to calc points from Fat, carbs, protein and fiber
3. Tracker of points
For my blackberry: Calculator and tracker of points
4. For my computer (needs flash 9) the online program telling me I get 26 points/day and 49 flex points/week.
What's cool:
*its gagety
*all the apps talk to each other
*no meetings
*i can make my own foods and calculate points
******worth a try****
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Death Star was French, made of chocolate and came with and order of Mediterranean oysters...

Only fair to share...
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Paris ruined me. And now back to hell

Paris. Steak tartare, 2 sausage + baguette hot dogs, frommage of all sorts, Mediterranean oysters, dark chocolate as the Death Star and foie gras. I am ruined. I LOVE French food. And am trying to rationalize foie gras. "Well, the method of dying is eating a lot of GREAT FOOD. Is that so bad? Do they suffer or enjoy it?". Walking 6 km/day counter-acted it maybe. I will know this week with the kidney tests...but I digress... A week of heavenly food.... And now back to hell. Starvation on 1200 calories a day. A small reprieve of some pizza and ice cream and beer when my bf and I had the flu/colds. Now but now...Green drink...Skinny B...oatmeal...chicken......I have lost my appetite. I wonder why...
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cold Turkey, Hot Burger

For 10 days I cut out meat-all of it. To protect my kidneys. I was doing so well and even stopped at Sonic to get some fries as a weekly treat on my way back to Houston. Then I started thinking about more fries. "Ok, next stop on fwy I will get a small one"...the time passed, no sign. It was dark. Then suddenly a blue sign with "Po Burgers" and the famous "M". I HAD to have a BURGER and NOW. I exited. Desolate. @ the traffic sign "2 miles". It was a loooong 2 miles in the desolate dark. I didn't care. The need was so bad, that I was on autopilot. Po Burgers was closed. "M" couldn't be far. I went through the drive through and ordered the angus with extra pickles. It hit my mouth. No pickles but like the best thing I had ever eaten. Logic kicked in "ok, just have half, then throw it away". There was not garbage can. Just protein-starved me, the dark and the M bag-of-shame. I ate the rest. Satisfied. Wondering what kind of chemical reaction had just occurred. A few days later, I met with a kidney dietitian who helped me realise I could have some meat. 6oz/day. I haven't had a crazy craving since but I may treat myself to a small burger now and then. And don't forget the pickles please : D...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Portobello Pizza

I cry when I go to the grocery store. Most convenience foods have something I'm allergic to-this means everything is made from scratch. This means I'm either working or cooking. It's exhausting. Pizza. 1. Pizza sauce: let sit 30mins 2. Carve out portobello mushroom cap. 3. Cook cap @ 350 for 5mins. 4. Slather some basil pesto on cap. 5. Put on pizza sauce. 6. Put on toppings (I used diced peppers). 7. Sprinkle "cheese" (for the non-allergic Parm or Mozzy), for the vegan-found a great one :daiya mozzarella. *****
Its the only pic I could get. Pizzas went fast! :@

Move over Girl Scouts..

The Dr Oz thin mint is here! OMG. These are good:
1/3 C coconut oil melted. 1/2C cocoa (special dark unsweetened) or cacao powder. 1.5T corn(Dextrose)-free Stevia. 1tsp corn (dextrose)-free vanilla extract. 1tsp corn free mint extract. Mix together in a bowl. Plop them into little cookies on wax paper on cookie sheet or cardboard. Refridgerate. Enjoy :p. 700 calories total/10 cookies. 70 cals/cookie. 2 will satisfy you.

No more sneaking bacon.. : /

Bacon. Like the fairy dust of food. Has 4g/slice protein. I can still have ..2 slices. 2. Not 5. Arggg... "-km Baaacon..if, crispy and crunchy...Bacon..". rtsp://

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vegan TX BBQ Blasphemy?!

Texas. BBQ. NO meat?! What?! I'm attempting to make KFC ZUCCHINI. With enough beer it should be FIIINEE....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 2 Kill Me Now

Veggies-steamed. Brown Rice-steamed. The zucchini tastes amazing and that is sad. Included are pics of MY lunch compared to my coworker's lunch. His looks better. ArrggGg!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Accidental Vegan

I got the news yesterday. Preliminary diagnosis: Stage 3 kidney disease caused by an allergic reaction sometime in the past. I've never counted proteins before and I am limited to 37g/day. I check chickpeas: 40g/cup. Waaa!! I check chicken breast: 1 oz 8g (normal serving is 5oz) so that's out too. AND I have to watch glycemic index AND allergens. Omg. I stood, lost in the forest and said "Lettuce?!" And the Zen master said "Enter from here..."
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Allergy-free Shrimp tacos

There's a place that has shrimp tacos to die for-Fuego's. I will drive a long way to get them. After shopping for items on a crowded Mother's day at my neecesary-nemesis, Whole Foods-I have come up with something v close!: Remoulade Sauce: 1 cup soy-free veganaise
1/4 cup taco sauce
2 T horseradish brown mustard
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
2 T lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Tsp garlic powder. Tsp onion powder
Sea salt to taste
Mix and set aside. ************************pre-chopped cabbage-wilt in pan after cooking shrimp. Shrimp-peeled and cooked to light pink-just barely. Add cabbage. Brown rice tortilla zapped for 1min. Fill taco with shrimp mix, sliced avocado, remolaude sauce. VIOLA! :p

Sunday, May 13, 2012

French fry substitute?

Zucchini fries. Ok Dr Oz, I'm willing to see if I can help curb my craving for Sonic or McDonald's fries. I tried modifying the one on your website. Pack of zucchini slices from Whole Foods (hey, I'm busy). Slice those into "fries" shapes. BLOT A LOT w paper towel. Pour some cage-free hen egg whites into shallow bowl. I tried crushed rice crackers for crust, but got to absorbent and made a mess. Maybe switch to potato flour for the dredge. Place or COOKIE SHEET (I have this cupboard of shame and have a useless muffin pan and no cookie sheet). Anyway, 425 oven 15 mins or more if you want uber-crispy. Sea salt and paprika to season. Use a corn-free, sugar-free ketchup. Near-heaven.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pizza moment of weakness

Oh God. I'm gonna be miserable in about an hour. Friday. Class away from work. Rainy day. Hot pizza. I brought my cold chicken but. Could. Not. Eat. Anymore. Chkkn. Had 3 slices of pizza instead. It was fabulous. Supreme. Pepperoni. Beef. Yum! I was already in pain, so, decided it couldn't get any worse. : p. It might. Stay tuned....

Zea a little protein for me

Zea mays.
It's corn protein that I'm googling,studying,pondering.
Zea mays (maize)
"known to cause allergies in humans" (fantastic)
Zea m14 9kDa Lipid Transfer Protein. LTP

Visions of my Bio 201 class. These are protein chains that attempt to scurry phosphates and fats across cell membranes.

It's a eukaryote (simple cell) causing harm in me.

My body makes antibodies in response to this protein.

And then what?

gives off histamines?

Is it related to my leg swelling?

I'm taking a class for work and yesterday's snack was....


Kill me now.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skinny Jean unslidy sliders-pass on it

Ok-another attempt @ a Dr Oz recipe. I used low-fat ground turkey (99/1 Jennie-O). Kinda dry. Couldn't have the bun. The idea is to swap out half of the meat with veggies-idk. It didn't transfer the moisture. Flavor good but dry. Eh. I hate food.

Green Drink...

So, another Dr. Oz-featured recipe. Green drink... 7C fresh spinach. 1 apple or pear. 1 banana. 2T lemon juice. Water to blend. Whip it up. Or stevia. Or vodka... **************** will be good in the AM chilled

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Low Fat,Allergy-free KFC! Bok!

Ok-I CAN cook ( whelp of my bf's smoker Weber). No one more surprised than me.. From the Dr Oz show and Here's my modified version of KFC: Oven 375. 8 small pieces chicken Brine: 8 C water. 1/4 C Salt. (I reduced because my version seemed really salty) 2 T fish sauce. (Look for no dextrose or soy) Breading: 1 C brown rice flour. 11/4 C rice cracker crumbs. 41/4 tsp salt. (Or no salt). 2 tsp stevia. 2 tsp finely ground tellicherry pepper. ( 1/2 tsp paprika. 1/2 tsp savory. 1/2 tsp sage. 1/4 tsp ginger. 1/4 marjoram. 1/4 tsp onion powder. 1/8 tsp garlic powder. 1/8 cayenne. Dredge: 4 eggs (egg white equiv). 2 C rice milk. I didn't need this. Corn free cook spray.***************** Marinate chicken in brine for 2 hours. Remove and blot dry. When oven is hot, dredge chicken in eggs whites, then press into breading and let sit for 2 mins in breading. Shake off excess. Put on sprayed pan and spray the chicken. Bake 40-45 mins until browned. You can also smoke-grill this with charcoal on 1 side and wet pan of apple chips on the other.