Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'll be your freedom fighter!

Back from Singapore- land of dumplings and no PDA in public, to the land of dirty gum everywhere, being able to kiss my bf in public, allergy-free foods and nutritional information.

It's a good thing I have access again to light beer, my WW app and nutritional information. I put on 3lbs from all those goodies DESPITE all the WALKING EVERYWHERE.

It was actually very difficult to avoid all the wheat and grease-dumplings, toast, BUTTER, champagne and BEER.

I felt hungry ALL THE TIME. Was glad I gained only 3lbs. Gives me a week to get back to normal...

The dinosaurs may still be around if their hands could have held a can or box with nutritional info..
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost the Full Monty

'First Breakfast'. Baked Beans.
Apparently quite common in the UK. For breakfast. In fact, 90 pct of baked beans are eaten by UK'ers.

When first served this in Singapore, I realised what it was from watching BBC America. (Who syas trash tv not infomative?)

In the UK, its considered part of a full breakfast (eggies, bacon, beans) and slang "the Full Monty".
Being hungry, I ate it for the first and last time unless I get very hungry again or someone brings a cheap side to a 4th of July bbq.
I have *posed* the beans in a pretty 'Pinterest' type style *thusly* with coffee and a flower.
For now, I shall remain the 10pct and keep my trousers on...
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

If there are cartoon shrimp then I might not notice any formaldehyde...

Nutritional information. We take it for granted perhaps. I wonder if the Singaporians have ever asked "how many WW points in a Tiger beer?". Probably not. I don't see a weight issue here. Perhaps like Paris-from all the walking. I gage beer points buy color-it wasn't yellow or dark amber but light amber, so am guessing regular beer-5 pts. 1 gets me buzzed so I can pace it. At the mall 7-Eleven, I wanted to try so many packaged foods-especially if cute pandas and cartoon shrimp were involved....but no nutritional information. Who knows? It could be shrimp + sugar + formaldehyde...I was good. I found the Venn diagram of nutritional info + cute cartoon + few allergens. 4 pts/serving-thats half the bag I can snarf if needed. Btw, the information even noted that the pea shape was not natural-a machine had stamped the pods. Still yummy-tastes like Funyuns. Yay.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I can't wait until my Amazon powdered peanut flour arrives!"

20 years ago I would not have understood what I just wrote in my title. 1992. We had "ethernet" and "this cool thing called email". I think.
A tintype of a French ancestor from 1850's because of the "back in the day...." story...plus I could not find any 1990's pic of me with bad 90's hair that  I am brave enough to share...
"c'est qua?"

Peanut butter on bananas is a dream. I usually get natural creamy PB and pour out the oil to save on fat and calories. I get my "good fats" from avocados and krill oil. Then I did some "mathlete" nutrition figuring on the natural peanut butter:
I put in the total fat, carbs, fiber and protein of the entire jar. It came out to be something like 123 Weight Watcher points. Then I looked up how much oil there is on the surface-2''. Then calculated the volume of a cylinder for the oil. Pi was involved. 3.14...., not the good, gooey fattening kind.

Anyhow, it brought total points down to 98. I then divided that by the number of Tablespoons-46 and figured about 2 points/Tablespoon.
Now, you would think that all that work (Pi people!) it would have significantly reduced the points, but no. I was looking for 1 point for 2 Tablespoons and searched ALL OVER the "interweb".

Ingredients are sneaky: "all natural" means there is some kind of sugar in there. Sugar-free means there are probably CORN-derived chemicals in there.

Then, the holy grail-the Venn diagram of  Ingredients:Peanuts + available on Amazon.com
No chemicals. No wandering the patchouli-scented narrow aisles frustrated and lost!

"And the angels wept...and the ancestors said 'qua?'"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I tend to lose fat..from my ears..not my butt

First the good news: I'm down 14 lbs. Near my 10pct goal on weight Watchers! Bustline in tact. Now the bad news: I'm losing fat..from my ears! Wait?! What?!
It's a condition I had since 2004 when I lost all my hormones and it's called "bilateral Patulous Eustacheon Tube" or PET. This means the fat pads around my eustacheon tubes that keep them closed when standing or sitting go when I lose weight. One of those key moments in life when the specialist has another world specialist come over and say (whilst you're on exam table) "you've gotta see this!" I swear to God. When I am standing, it's a constant clicking and roaring sound like I'm in the ocean surf with swirling Dolphins. Makes it hard to concentrate or hear anyone speak. There is no cure yet (tried graft implants-no luck). The only thing that works is patulEND drops from a researcher in Santa Barbara. Its basically concentrated swimming pool chemical drops sniffed up the nose to cause irritation and swelling of the pads. So that's super fun! Ok life! You can try to kill me but I will find a clever way to beat you. So neeah.. :p
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