Sunday, April 29, 2012

Low fat egg salad

Each day I am requested by my nutritionist to have 1/2C lean protein and 1/4C fruit or potato as a snack. I hate dry chicken and salmon cups have soy in them, so that leaves me to buy a TON of Free-Range-Happy-Hen eggs. I cook on Sundays at least 3 doz eggs now since I have found a way to cook eggs that are not disgusting: *1 big mixing bowl. *12 snack size ziplocs. *3 doz eggs-soft boiled. *2 C minced celery. *2 bunches minced green onions and stems. *prepared mustard *********************** *boil big pot water. *Add eggs gently to boiling water w ladle or pasta scoop. *boil for 6mins, empty boiled water onto fireant pile if available. *add cold water and ice to cool eggs. *peel all eggs and save only 3 yolks. *put cooked eggs whites, 3 soft yolks, celery and onions in big bowl. Add enough mustard in the to make it gooey. Add plain or sea salt and pepper to taste.

I think it was the beeeeerr...

Dangit. I had Newcastle beer while in LA snas reaction and then "reasoned" that now I could have it. I'm learning how autoimmune works: allegen goes into my body. My body make antibodies that stick onto the B cells, only ot make too many antibodies. I had Newcastle beer yesterday. In 20min my guts were pissed off roiling in pain. Antihistime to the rescue-bam! Fixed. Interesting to a, response to Immunoglobulin E is histamine production. What do the histamines do to my gut to cause sooo much pain? I will need to research this...In the mean time, I will go back to my fav "Banana Nut Bread beer" which my bf swears is not a real beer...Cheers!..have a beer and an allergy pill...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Loooove LA...

"She LOVES it!"... After the succesful raiding of the La Brea vending machine, I happened upon "The Counter" make-your-own-burger. I took the chance they would have turkey...Not only that BUT humanely raised and killed turkey, bunless, with fixin's and sparkling water and dash of juice. HEAVEN on a plate. LA is my kind of food-town!

Vending machine Nirvana

LA (California, not louisiana for my fellow Southerners): La Brea Tar Pits. It vends unalterted real food AND takes AMEX. The Venn diagram of happiness here...natural snack, credit card and geology!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sickkn of Chikkn

Im so sick of chicken. Dry. It gets stuck in my throat and hurts to eat it. Yuck. My interest in food is waning. I had some broccoli rice with cheese today and wanted more but that was it-the only thing that put me in a food frenzy. Tried roast beef no gravy. Dry. Stuck in my throat. I hate food.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

KFC Chickn my version

Modified from Todd Wilbur and Dr. Oz: From DVR first, then i will try it at some point. ****** BRINE: Corn free salt (1/2 Cup)? 2T fish sauce. skinless chkkn. Soak chkn in Brine 2hrs in fridge. *************** equiv egg whites to 4 eggs. To drag chicken thru before breading. "BREADING": potato flour + crushed rice crackers. 1 C each. 1/4 C Stevia powder ********** 11 herbs and spices: corn free salt. White pepper. Tellicherry pepper. ( Sage. Paprika. Savory. Onion powder. Marjoram. Ginger. Garlic powder. Cayenne pepper. ******************* canola oil spray. Oven 375. 45 mins.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

KooKoo for Coco Chicken!

So! Yay! I love Coconut Chicken from Better Homes and Gardens Poultry section. ****** 7 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (hormone and cruelty free is possible). 100pct Organic reduced fat shredded, unsweeted coconut in a bowl for coating. 1egg + 1 egg white mixed for dipping. Oven 400. Rinse and pat dry chicken. Drag both sides into eggs then drag thru coconut. Roll chicken and put in pan with conola spray or Olive oil. Bake 55mins. Chicken should be 160 degrees in middle. Portion is 4-5oz or half of a big chikkn breast. :p

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Low Cal/Low Fat Nit Noi Hurry Curry Red -my version

Easter morning.
I'm craving. NitNoi "Hurry Curry Red" like nobody's business.
I drive there.
I google "Asia market" and find one.             
Here's my recipe:
*1lb chicken breast cut to bite-size pieces.
*1T coconut oil
*1-3.5 T Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste (this is the Panang curry with shallots and shrimp paste).
*2 cans La Croix Coconut sparkling water
*long beans or green beans with ends cut off (3-4 handfuls).
*2 cups bite-size slice fresh tomato
*1 20oz. can pineapple chunks-drained.
*Thai basil (or sweet basil) fresh.
*1 fist-sized red potato microwaved for 6+ minutes until soft.
6 T potato starch dissolved in cold water
Large frying pan.
Med High heat.
Add coconut oil and curry paste.
Add 2 C of LaCroix coconut water-mix paste/oil/water in pan until it boils.
Add chicken. Stir.
Add rest of LaCroix water and stir until bubbly.
Add green beans.
Add potato chunks.
Add pineapple chunks. Simmer until beans a bit soft.
Add tomato and basil.
Slowly add the potato starch mixed with water until sauce seems to thicken.
Serve with more basil. :p
****so, calories and servings*** best estimate from ingredients and math skills....
Serves 3 (2 if you are nutso for Nit Noi)
Calories  365
Fat g           7

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pimp your chips and leave taro to the pros...

Awesome! I can make my own low fat, corn-free chips in 3 mins. It works! Thanks to Dr. Oz and! Season AFTER (cinnamon, sea salt, whatever). Btw. I tried making taro root chips-they were great-tasted like pringles, but I broke out in hives on my hands. Fantastic. Yum!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deflated Keester Chicken

Argggg! WHAT is THIS?! "It's lunch for the lady...". But (pun)...the thing took it right up the..keester..". Menu: antipasti-Cheese. Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. Deflated Keester Chicken. ************************ With so much to CHOOSE from, how could I possibly go wrong? (Kill me now...)

Monday, April 2, 2012

The lesser of two weevils- CORN in my aspirin

CORN (cellulose, dextrose, "starch") is used as a binding agent to make tablets. Why? It works and is cheap. Thank God for Goody's powder-it only has MILK in it. The lesser of "two weevils" quote O'Brian but I digress. You're not gonna kill me yet, life! You're messin' with a Texan here! : P

CORN in my salt

CORN. Its EVERYWHErE!!! Like a horror movie. Iodized salt has "Dextrose" (corn) as a de-caking agent. Arggggg! Plan B: take iodine as a supplement, but how much? Ah, 150mcg/day. So, kelp supplements-but without soy or wheat...arggg!!!! Solgar sells one that is kosher and other allergen-free. Yay!
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