Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weight Watchers, leg warmers, Madea and my inner geek...

"Oh hell no." Said Madea in my head when my nephologist told me to start Weight Watchers. Visions of horrible, salty, over-processed packaged "food" and leg warmers came to mind. I argued "I have been starving on 800 calories/day and using "My Fitness Pal" app. He rebuffed: "I had that app too and gained weight on it". He wouldn't take no for an answer and I thought-well, right, I'm gaining weight on it too, what the heck. I'll research WW's and prove him wrong. But the WW of 2012 has gadgety apps. I'm so a sucker for gadgety apps and calculators and barcode scanners. For less than $20/month I signed up for the gadgety app online program and so far, its fun-even my bf is interested and wants to see the gadgets. I'm self-motivated, so meetings wouldn't help me (also, they mentioned you could bring kids.."Oh helll no.."). I have the PointsPlus@ apps on my ipad barcode scanner that instantly tells me points from most foods with a barcode 2. Calculator to calc points from Fat, carbs, protein and fiber
3. Tracker of points
For my blackberry: Calculator and tracker of points
4. For my computer (needs flash 9) the online program telling me I get 26 points/day and 49 flex points/week.
What's cool:
*its gagety
*all the apps talk to each other
*no meetings
*i can make my own foods and calculate points
******worth a try****
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Death Star was French, made of chocolate and came with and order of Mediterranean oysters...

Only fair to share...
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Paris ruined me. And now back to hell

Paris. Steak tartare, 2 sausage + baguette hot dogs, frommage of all sorts, Mediterranean oysters, dark chocolate as the Death Star and foie gras. I am ruined. I LOVE French food. And am trying to rationalize foie gras. "Well, the method of dying is eating a lot of GREAT FOOD. Is that so bad? Do they suffer or enjoy it?". Walking 6 km/day counter-acted it maybe. I will know this week with the kidney tests...but I digress... A week of heavenly food.... And now back to hell. Starvation on 1200 calories a day. A small reprieve of some pizza and ice cream and beer when my bf and I had the flu/colds. Now but now...Green drink...Skinny B...oatmeal...chicken......I have lost my appetite. I wonder why...
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