Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paris ruined me. And now back to hell

Paris. Steak tartare, 2 sausage + baguette hot dogs, frommage of all sorts, Mediterranean oysters, dark chocolate as the Death Star and foie gras. I am ruined. I LOVE French food. And am trying to rationalize foie gras. "Well, the method of dying is eating a lot of GREAT FOOD. Is that so bad? Do they suffer or enjoy it?". Walking 6 km/day counter-acted it maybe. I will know this week with the kidney tests...but I digress... A week of heavenly food.... And now back to hell. Starvation on 1200 calories a day. A small reprieve of some pizza and ice cream and beer when my bf and I had the flu/colds. Now but now...Green drink...Skinny B...oatmeal...chicken......I have lost my appetite. I wonder why...
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