Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sensa and Sensibility

Another product I saw on Dr. Oz.

Sensa sprinkle powder for weight loss. 1 side is salty, the other, sweet.

Although it may have some allergens, anytime I get the chance to experiment, I'm intrigued and find it my scientific duty to investigate and report back.

I've heard that it works on some people and not others. Skeptical, I sprinkled it on something salty and fatty.

In about 30 seconds, I didn't feel differently but I THOUGHT differently. "Hmm, I've had enough of that food".

I tried it again on Holiday luncheon food: trout with crab, mashed potatoes, veggies. It seemed to work on the potatoes-normally I inhale them. I ate them slowly and was satisfied with half. That's the first time it has ever happened between me and mashed potatoes...

Now to the coup d'etat: cheesecake.

I sprinkled the sweet side on it and voila. 3 tiny bites felt like I had eaten 3 big pieces.

Yesterday, I thought I would give Sensa a real challenge: Sonic Jr. Burger and fries. I was hoping after 3 bites I would have had enough. I felt satisfied @ 2/3 into the burger. Most of the fries. Normally I inhale both and want more and more and feel deprived until my stomach catches up.

20 min later I ate the rest of the burger and fries. But I DID NOT try to scam any of my bf's fries, so that's a big improvement.

So, so far, I think it could be useful:

Helps me not absolutley INHALE food and wonder who took it. I feel satisfied after eating a few bites instead of ravenous and wanting more or deprived.

Next I will try it on chocolate brownies, pizza and Nit Noi "Hurry Curry".

*Definitely worth a try!

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