Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I tend to lose fat..from my ears..not my butt

First the good news: I'm down 14 lbs. Near my 10pct goal on weight Watchers! Bustline in tact. Now the bad news: I'm losing fat..from my ears! Wait?! What?!
It's a condition I had since 2004 when I lost all my hormones and it's called "bilateral Patulous Eustacheon Tube" or PET. This means the fat pads around my eustacheon tubes that keep them closed when standing or sitting go when I lose weight. One of those key moments in life when the specialist has another world specialist come over and say (whilst you're on exam table) "you've gotta see this!" I swear to God. When I am standing, it's a constant clicking and roaring sound like I'm in the ocean surf with swirling Dolphins. Makes it hard to concentrate or hear anyone speak. There is no cure yet (tried graft implants-no luck). The only thing that works is patulEND drops from a researcher in Santa Barbara. Its basically concentrated swimming pool chemical drops sniffed up the nose to cause irritation and swelling of the pads. So that's super fun! Ok life! You can try to kill me but I will find a clever way to beat you. So neeah.. :p
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  1. Looooooveee your post, love the name of it, and love the way you see this horrible disease that I do have too.

    Gabivero <3!!