Thursday, August 30, 2012

Smirks n Sloppy Joe's...

It's here. The end of my doctor approved "take it easy" time...time catching up on "Dexter" and lounging with my favorite blankie (red in photo). The DVD's that my evil alter-ego ordered also arrived. Sleek, marketing...sleek photos and 15 DVD's. 15, people! 1 for each week, 30mins/day. She's a well-known trainer, sleek, with that smirk. That she was a chubby kid gives her street creds but that she can have DAIRY and still has her own thyroid...I digress (mine was irradiated in 1999). Maybe I'm a little OCD here but I MUST count how many different poses she does...about 16 and number of different workout bras-7. I have 1 expensive "Enell" to "keep the girls under control". She's smirking at me but I bet she's REALLY thinking "I could go for some Sloppy Joe's!"
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