Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little fishy!

Sardines-I know what you're thinking and so did I-eww! Sick. Oily with bones and eyeballs, but no!

They have changed!
I saw it on the confusing and overwhelming world that can be Dr. Oz marathon on a weekend with DVR. (Woa, dang, I need a shower..)

"Anti-aging"? My ears always perk up. And then.


On a table. Eyeballs. Blood.

No purple gloves.

I thought-oh, ok...let's go look in the pantry...

Sardines. Boneless. Skinless. Water. Hmm..

I added to a can 1T veganaise and dill pickles and tasted-hmm. Good. I put on rice bread toast. Excellent.

Use my geeky WW app to scan the UPC for points-3! Awesome!

Move over crab and tuna! I just ordered a case of 12 from :p
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