Thursday, September 20, 2012

If there are cartoon shrimp then I might not notice any formaldehyde...

Nutritional information. We take it for granted perhaps. I wonder if the Singaporians have ever asked "how many WW points in a Tiger beer?". Probably not. I don't see a weight issue here. Perhaps like Paris-from all the walking. I gage beer points buy color-it wasn't yellow or dark amber but light amber, so am guessing regular beer-5 pts. 1 gets me buzzed so I can pace it. At the mall 7-Eleven, I wanted to try so many packaged foods-especially if cute pandas and cartoon shrimp were involved....but no nutritional information. Who knows? It could be shrimp + sugar + formaldehyde...I was good. I found the Venn diagram of nutritional info + cute cartoon + few allergens. 4 pts/serving-thats half the bag I can snarf if needed. Btw, the information even noted that the pea shape was not natural-a machine had stamped the pods. Still yummy-tastes like Funyuns. Yay.
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