Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost the Full Monty

'First Breakfast'. Baked Beans.
Apparently quite common in the UK. For breakfast. In fact, 90 pct of baked beans are eaten by UK'ers.

When first served this in Singapore, I realised what it was from watching BBC America. (Who syas trash tv not infomative?)

In the UK, its considered part of a full breakfast (eggies, bacon, beans) and slang "the Full Monty".
Being hungry, I ate it for the first and last time unless I get very hungry again or someone brings a cheap side to a 4th of July bbq.
I have *posed* the beans in a pretty 'Pinterest' type style *thusly* with coffee and a flower.
For now, I shall remain the 10pct and keep my trousers on...
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