Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I can't wait until my Amazon powdered peanut flour arrives!"

20 years ago I would not have understood what I just wrote in my title. 1992. We had "ethernet" and "this cool thing called email". I think.
A tintype of a French ancestor from 1850's because of the "back in the day...." I could not find any 1990's pic of me with bad 90's hair that  I am brave enough to share...
"c'est qua?"

Peanut butter on bananas is a dream. I usually get natural creamy PB and pour out the oil to save on fat and calories. I get my "good fats" from avocados and krill oil. Then I did some "mathlete" nutrition figuring on the natural peanut butter:
I put in the total fat, carbs, fiber and protein of the entire jar. It came out to be something like 123 Weight Watcher points. Then I looked up how much oil there is on the surface-2''. Then calculated the volume of a cylinder for the oil. Pi was involved. 3.14...., not the good, gooey fattening kind.

Anyhow, it brought total points down to 98. I then divided that by the number of Tablespoons-46 and figured about 2 points/Tablespoon.
Now, you would think that all that work (Pi people!) it would have significantly reduced the points, but no. I was looking for 1 point for 2 Tablespoons and searched ALL OVER the "interweb".

Ingredients are sneaky: "all natural" means there is some kind of sugar in there. Sugar-free means there are probably CORN-derived chemicals in there.

Then, the holy grail-the Venn diagram of  Ingredients:Peanuts + available on
No chemicals. No wandering the patchouli-scented narrow aisles frustrated and lost!

"And the angels wept...and the ancestors said 'qua?'"

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