Monday, March 26, 2012

Nit Not Goo

Cooking is chemistry and I have an over-zealous bunson burner (crock pot). I'll blame the cook pot and not my own mistake of putting in the potato starch to early. Now I have to eat this gelatinous goo curry thing that is nothing like Nit Noi. Gag.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Panangs

I love curry. Especially Nit Noi Thai curry. The only thing that keeps me from totally inhaling the whole bowl face-first is 1. Its hot temperature-wise. And I'm usually not my myself. Okay-2 reasons.'re in the kitchen/plant prep area making a curry in the crock pot. This is where the magic happens people. (Note wine glasses and unread cookbooks..). I googled Nit Noi recipe and found another blogger just as gaga over this as me. He said "use Panang curry paste". Oh God, I don't have googled "Panang curry paste recipe..". I have none of those ingredients either. But I DO have the backup green curry paste, last years' parsley, dried garlic and pepper. I'll letcha know how it turns out...

Friday, March 23, 2012

There is hope!

I was referred to another nutritionist to which I'm very grateful. Stress is my big culprit. "How long have you been stressed?" She asked. "Since I was 5" I said. "I was a premature by 6 weeks, not fully formed and had sickness and allergies all my life (Grave's, hypoglycemia, you name it). At any rate, we realized I'm starving and added 3-4 more small meals in-yay! I can eat 5 eggs at a time but only 1 yolk-I can do that :p. "If you're hungry @ 2-3 hours then your metabolism is going up. If hungry in 1 hour, its going down. Mine was going down. I just had some mediteranian food-salad with onions, peppers etc, some hummus, califlower and some chicken that was tasty. Now am sitting @ outdoor cafe in beautiful weather remembering the best news "your cells are 14 years younger than your age!" Yes!!! Thanks Dr E.!

WAH! Hine!

Vacation in Hawaii. <p> Fantastic fish, fresh veg, fruit-I couldn't wait.<p>Sushi bar was fantastic!<p>And then there was Kona. <p>We stopped at a place that looked busy and assumed it must be good.<p>Pizza. Sandwiches piled with mayo and goo. <p> I double checked the menu for SOMEthing "romaine salad with chicken". Translation "head of dry lettuce with even drier chicken"...<p> I looked around...people were smiling, laughing, enjoying their food. I was faced with this. AGAIN. I would rather take this in pill form and be done with it. <p> The beer was out of self-preservation because I was so sad about this plate of lettuce staring at me. <p> "excuse me, where is the ladies' room? I think I'm gonna be sick or cry in there"...WAAAA!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pass the seaweed and no one gets hurt

I've discovered something. Western food doesn't agree with me but Asian food does. Especially sashimi and seaweed. And octopus. Aside from the rice, I can eat anything that comes from the sea: jellyfish, octopus, fish and roe. I love roe when it pops in my mouth. My mouth was so happy last night. All these wonderful foods that I hope are not troll-caught, I can eat. Under all this was a bed of brown branched seaweed. To the side, was Sake. Yep, crunchy, delicious. Or maybe it was the Sake.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The other kind of "Mile High" Club

So. First time in modern First Class. Sleeper chair with endless Oscar-winning movies. Hot meals. Champagne. AND. CHOCOLATE SUNDAE. They even provided a blanket and pillow so I could get jiggy with an ice cream sundae. I don't even like ice cream. WHY? OH WHY? Bloating? You bet! Indigestion? Oh, that's coming...but get this. Could not finish a Diet Coke. I'm cured of those at least. But now a member of the Hawaiian Mile High Bloat Club.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uh oh, that ain't chili...

Freezer meet Sharpie.
Sharpie, meet freezer. "She doesn't label you know...".
Mystery...'Meat'? chili.
I'm SURE it's chili.
Zap it.
Zap it summore.
Why would I save BROTH? And so much of it.
I'm not eating this!
6 minutes of my life. GONE.
To find out I have saved.
I hate you, food.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Corn Chip walks into a bar....

CORN. It's in everything...including Corn chips @ my fav- Pappasitos. To hear myself say "a virgin bloody mary" (I was driving) and "no rice no beans but extra veggies" made me sad : ( Corn is even in contact lens solution. Omg. Sigh. OH! Were you expecting a punchline?! Don't you know I'm bad at telling jokes? Ok a STRING walks into a bar and the bartender says "I'm sorry, we don't serve STRINGS". The string wiggles around and contorts himself, rubbing on the floor and says "you can serve me now". Bartender :"why now?" Because now I'm a FRAYED NOT". Booo!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Attack of the 50' Potato(E)!

All I wanted was a simple turkey patty with no bun and some potato......................this is what I got. WtH is THIS?! I googled it. A GINORMoUS BURbANk RUSSET iNSulIN-SpikER-Brain-plaque-depositoR. Who EATS these?!-and its not even STUFFED! I'm sad to say most of it ended up in the trash : / and not on my brain or my butt.