Sunday, November 25, 2012

The holidays are over


5 days off-awesome!

But. Life has a nice surprise for you!

You have won: KIDNEY INFECTION. Comes with fever, chills, horrible back pain and a trip to the ER!


Shopping for turkey fresh from the ER. Bring it! Did it! Master of HEB!

By day 4 am feeling good aside from the ExCRUTIATING pain from a few days of wheat.

I review my blog, prepping for my year-end reflection on food and health challenges.

Feeling cocky after a new haircut, I indulge in some of this "Indulgent Trail Mix" (for all the trails I'm going on with kidney infection in tow).

6 days from company xmas party. #$*k!

Here's what's next: 6 days of mostly liquid diet and no wine.

The good news: I have "amazing meal" in my arsenal. The bad news: I have to go to Whole Foods. In Person...

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