Sunday, May 27, 2012

Portobello Pizza

I cry when I go to the grocery store. Most convenience foods have something I'm allergic to-this means everything is made from scratch. This means I'm either working or cooking. It's exhausting. Pizza. 1. Pizza sauce: let sit 30mins 2. Carve out portobello mushroom cap. 3. Cook cap @ 350 for 5mins. 4. Slather some basil pesto on cap. 5. Put on pizza sauce. 6. Put on toppings (I used diced peppers). 7. Sprinkle "cheese" (for the non-allergic Parm or Mozzy), for the vegan-found a great one :daiya mozzarella. *****
Its the only pic I could get. Pizzas went fast! :@

Move over Girl Scouts..

The Dr Oz thin mint is here! OMG. These are good:
1/3 C coconut oil melted. 1/2C cocoa (special dark unsweetened) or cacao powder. 1.5T corn(Dextrose)-free Stevia. 1tsp corn (dextrose)-free vanilla extract. 1tsp corn free mint extract. Mix together in a bowl. Plop them into little cookies on wax paper on cookie sheet or cardboard. Refridgerate. Enjoy :p. 700 calories total/10 cookies. 70 cals/cookie. 2 will satisfy you.

No more sneaking bacon.. : /

Bacon. Like the fairy dust of food. Has 4g/slice protein. I can still have ..2 slices. 2. Not 5. Arggg... "-km Baaacon..if, crispy and crunchy...Bacon..". rtsp://

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vegan TX BBQ Blasphemy?!

Texas. BBQ. NO meat?! What?! I'm attempting to make KFC ZUCCHINI. With enough beer it should be FIIINEE....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 2 Kill Me Now

Veggies-steamed. Brown Rice-steamed. The zucchini tastes amazing and that is sad. Included are pics of MY lunch compared to my coworker's lunch. His looks better. ArrggGg!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Accidental Vegan

I got the news yesterday. Preliminary diagnosis: Stage 3 kidney disease caused by an allergic reaction sometime in the past. I've never counted proteins before and I am limited to 37g/day. I check chickpeas: 40g/cup. Waaa!! I check chicken breast: 1 oz 8g (normal serving is 5oz) so that's out too. AND I have to watch glycemic index AND allergens. Omg. I stood, lost in the forest and said "Lettuce?!" And the Zen master said "Enter from here..."
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Allergy-free Shrimp tacos

There's a place that has shrimp tacos to die for-Fuego's. I will drive a long way to get them. After shopping for items on a crowded Mother's day at my neecesary-nemesis, Whole Foods-I have come up with something v close!: Remoulade Sauce: 1 cup soy-free veganaise
1/4 cup taco sauce
2 T horseradish brown mustard
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
2 T lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Tsp garlic powder. Tsp onion powder
Sea salt to taste
Mix and set aside. ************************pre-chopped cabbage-wilt in pan after cooking shrimp. Shrimp-peeled and cooked to light pink-just barely. Add cabbage. Brown rice tortilla zapped for 1min. Fill taco with shrimp mix, sliced avocado, remolaude sauce. VIOLA! :p

Sunday, May 13, 2012

French fry substitute?

Zucchini fries. Ok Dr Oz, I'm willing to see if I can help curb my craving for Sonic or McDonald's fries. I tried modifying the one on your website. Pack of zucchini slices from Whole Foods (hey, I'm busy). Slice those into "fries" shapes. BLOT A LOT w paper towel. Pour some cage-free hen egg whites into shallow bowl. I tried crushed rice crackers for crust, but got to absorbent and made a mess. Maybe switch to potato flour for the dredge. Place or COOKIE SHEET (I have this cupboard of shame and have a useless muffin pan and no cookie sheet). Anyway, 425 oven 15 mins or more if you want uber-crispy. Sea salt and paprika to season. Use a corn-free, sugar-free ketchup. Near-heaven.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pizza moment of weakness

Oh God. I'm gonna be miserable in about an hour. Friday. Class away from work. Rainy day. Hot pizza. I brought my cold chicken but. Could. Not. Eat. Anymore. Chkkn. Had 3 slices of pizza instead. It was fabulous. Supreme. Pepperoni. Beef. Yum! I was already in pain, so, decided it couldn't get any worse. : p. It might. Stay tuned....

Zea a little protein for me

Zea mays.
It's corn protein that I'm googling,studying,pondering.
Zea mays (maize)
"known to cause allergies in humans" (fantastic)
Zea m14 9kDa Lipid Transfer Protein. LTP

Visions of my Bio 201 class. These are protein chains that attempt to scurry phosphates and fats across cell membranes.

It's a eukaryote (simple cell) causing harm in me.

My body makes antibodies in response to this protein.

And then what?

gives off histamines?

Is it related to my leg swelling?

I'm taking a class for work and yesterday's snack was....


Kill me now.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skinny Jean unslidy sliders-pass on it

Ok-another attempt @ a Dr Oz recipe. I used low-fat ground turkey (99/1 Jennie-O). Kinda dry. Couldn't have the bun. The idea is to swap out half of the meat with veggies-idk. It didn't transfer the moisture. Flavor good but dry. Eh. I hate food.

Green Drink...

So, another Dr. Oz-featured recipe. Green drink... 7C fresh spinach. 1 apple or pear. 1 banana. 2T lemon juice. Water to blend. Whip it up. Or stevia. Or vodka... **************** will be good in the AM chilled

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Low Fat,Allergy-free KFC! Bok!

Ok-I CAN cook ( whelp of my bf's smoker Weber). No one more surprised than me.. From the Dr Oz show and Here's my modified version of KFC: Oven 375. 8 small pieces chicken Brine: 8 C water. 1/4 C Salt. (I reduced because my version seemed really salty) 2 T fish sauce. (Look for no dextrose or soy) Breading: 1 C brown rice flour. 11/4 C rice cracker crumbs. 41/4 tsp salt. (Or no salt). 2 tsp stevia. 2 tsp finely ground tellicherry pepper. ( 1/2 tsp paprika. 1/2 tsp savory. 1/2 tsp sage. 1/4 tsp ginger. 1/4 marjoram. 1/4 tsp onion powder. 1/8 tsp garlic powder. 1/8 cayenne. Dredge: 4 eggs (egg white equiv). 2 C rice milk. I didn't need this. Corn free cook spray.***************** Marinate chicken in brine for 2 hours. Remove and blot dry. When oven is hot, dredge chicken in eggs whites, then press into breading and let sit for 2 mins in breading. Shake off excess. Put on sprayed pan and spray the chicken. Bake 40-45 mins until browned. You can also smoke-grill this with charcoal on 1 side and wet pan of apple chips on the other.

Friday, May 4, 2012


So, am going to try the Chia "pudding" I saw on Dr. Oz and report back.. Recipe: 2C almond or rice milk. Soak 2 T Chia seeds 15mins. Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 corn-free vanilla extract, corn-free stevia
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