Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cold Turkey, Hot Burger

For 10 days I cut out meat-all of it. To protect my kidneys. I was doing so well and even stopped at Sonic to get some fries as a weekly treat on my way back to Houston. Then I started thinking about more fries. "Ok, next stop on fwy I will get a small one"...the time passed, no sign. It was dark. Then suddenly a blue sign with "Po Burgers" and the famous "M". I HAD to have a BURGER and NOW. I exited. Desolate. @ the traffic sign "2 miles". It was a loooong 2 miles in the desolate dark. I didn't care. The need was so bad, that I was on autopilot. Po Burgers was closed. "M" couldn't be far. I went through the drive through and ordered the angus with extra pickles. It hit my mouth. No pickles but like the best thing I had ever eaten. Logic kicked in "ok, just have half, then throw it away". There was not garbage can. Just protein-starved me, the dark and the M bag-of-shame. I ate the rest. Satisfied. Wondering what kind of chemical reaction had just occurred. A few days later, I met with a kidney dietitian who helped me realise I could have some meat. 6oz/day. I haven't had a crazy craving since but I may treat myself to a small burger now and then. And don't forget the pickles please : D...

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