Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does Seaweed or Jellyfish have fewer ww points?

What?! Got to shop @ my new fav grocery store. 99 Ranch is a big Asian market that has almost everything (except moon cake but I digress...). Including Dim Sum shrimp dumplings!

I have had a TERRIBLE craving for dumplings since Singapore.

Tried dousing myself with salt. Nope.

8 dumplings, 10 points. Totally worth it...

Oh, sorry-got off track...dreaming of dumplings...

"Instant" chili Jellyfish. The main reason I came here. Low in points and high on flavour. I got several packets that looked right and had "chili flavor" on the outside.

Turns out those are "thin seaweed". Had some-delicious! And only 1 point. Great for lunch or snacks. 10 carbs.

So, now the question is-Jellyfish or Seaweed?

The good thing about the seaweed is for the thyroid perhaps...

"You're on crack!".

No. Its Seaweed. Or jellyfish.

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