Sunday, May 13, 2012

French fry substitute?

Zucchini fries. Ok Dr Oz, I'm willing to see if I can help curb my craving for Sonic or McDonald's fries. I tried modifying the one on your website. Pack of zucchini slices from Whole Foods (hey, I'm busy). Slice those into "fries" shapes. BLOT A LOT w paper towel. Pour some cage-free hen egg whites into shallow bowl. I tried crushed rice crackers for crust, but got to absorbent and made a mess. Maybe switch to potato flour for the dredge. Place or COOKIE SHEET (I have this cupboard of shame and have a useless muffin pan and no cookie sheet). Anyway, 425 oven 15 mins or more if you want uber-crispy. Sea salt and paprika to season. Use a corn-free, sugar-free ketchup. Near-heaven.

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