Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romancing the Marine

I get into these military-martyr modes:

Excercise 1 hour/day hard.

Minimal food (fuel). Low carbs, good fats:

*2 eggs for breakfast.
*Kale and avocado salad for lunch.
*Seaweed for snack.
*Vega protein shake for dinner.

And that's it.
If my stomach complains, it gets more kale. "Take that!"

"Hungry ma'am?!"
"No, ma'am! Never hungry ma'am! More torture, please!"

And then.

I have a life. A romantic one.

A random Wednesday night and text from bf: "dinner out? I already ordered some wine"

The Marine weighs this carefully-hmmm, I DID do a HARD hour to Ferry Corsten trance today on the elliptical..."Yes, please.."(I'll just have 1 small glass of wine..)

"I'll have the fish" (very sensible).
Waiter keeps filling wine glass...

Dinner arrives. Flaky grouper on mashy potatoes and caramelized greens, shiny with butter...oh.

And shared carrot cake with sugary nuts to boot. Oi

Glittery eyes of bf holding Marine-girl's hand...she is defenseless...

"I just couldn't face another night of turkey and avocados and grapes" he says.

"I know", I say "the Marine was prepared for another night of kale and hunger. The xmas party is in 2 days. You guys can hide behind trousers and jackets. We ladies have no where to hide in holiday dresses."

Tomorrow, resolve. Eggs, kale and more trance on the elliptical...or drop and give me 20...

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

6 pt 'key lime pie'

Its the Holidays. And there it is:

KEY LIME pie staring me in the face.

If it wasn't for the fact that
*I don't like merengue
*i don't like fluffy pie filling
*wheat hurts me so much

I would have been tempted.

I found an alternative:
1 cup fat free Ready Whip spray sprayed into a mug
Lime or lemon juice dribbled on top
Repeat-6 pts

I know the Ready Whip is dairy, but if I can find some fat-free, non may be better...

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5 point chili n beer


Pro Football.


Now how to make a chili that's low in points to also have some beer:

I know that any meat is 1pt/ounce. That's not a lot of meat to have to make 5pt or less chili.

Here's what I did:
Make chili as usual with chicken meat for you bf or family.

2lbs ground chicken-lean, browned.
2 Alarm chili kit sans masa(corn meal)
2 6 oz cans tomato sauce
4 6oz cans water

For yourself:
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes
Sauce only from the chili
Zap until hot
Sprinkle w/ small amt parm
3 points

Miller 64 beer to drink
2 point

Watch the game.

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The holidays are over


5 days off-awesome!

But. Life has a nice surprise for you!

You have won: KIDNEY INFECTION. Comes with fever, chills, horrible back pain and a trip to the ER!


Shopping for turkey fresh from the ER. Bring it! Did it! Master of HEB!

By day 4 am feeling good aside from the ExCRUTIATING pain from a few days of wheat.

I review my blog, prepping for my year-end reflection on food and health challenges.

Feeling cocky after a new haircut, I indulge in some of this "Indulgent Trail Mix" (for all the trails I'm going on with kidney infection in tow).

6 days from company xmas party. #$*k!

Here's what's next: 6 days of mostly liquid diet and no wine.

The good news: I have "amazing meal" in my arsenal. The bad news: I have to go to Whole Foods. In Person...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does Seaweed or Jellyfish have fewer ww points?

What?! Got to shop @ my new fav grocery store. 99 Ranch is a big Asian market that has almost everything (except moon cake but I digress...). Including Dim Sum shrimp dumplings!

I have had a TERRIBLE craving for dumplings since Singapore.

Tried dousing myself with salt. Nope.

8 dumplings, 10 points. Totally worth it...

Oh, sorry-got off track...dreaming of dumplings...

"Instant" chili Jellyfish. The main reason I came here. Low in points and high on flavour. I got several packets that looked right and had "chili flavor" on the outside.

Turns out those are "thin seaweed". Had some-delicious! And only 1 point. Great for lunch or snacks. 10 carbs.

So, now the question is-Jellyfish or Seaweed?

The good thing about the seaweed is for the thyroid perhaps...

"You're on crack!".

No. Its Seaweed. Or jellyfish.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little fishy!

Sardines-I know what you're thinking and so did I-eww! Sick. Oily with bones and eyeballs, but no!

They have changed!
I saw it on the confusing and overwhelming world that can be Dr. Oz marathon on a weekend with DVR. (Woa, dang, I need a shower..)

"Anti-aging"? My ears always perk up. And then.


On a table. Eyeballs. Blood.

No purple gloves.

I thought-oh, ok...let's go look in the pantry...

Sardines. Boneless. Skinless. Water. Hmm..

I added to a can 1T veganaise and dill pickles and tasted-hmm. Good. I put on rice bread toast. Excellent.

Use my geeky WW app to scan the UPC for points-3! Awesome!

Move over crab and tuna! I just ordered a case of 12 from :p
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