Monday, February 6, 2012

Snacktime and You Can Even Eat the DISHES!

Snacktime. yuck. 2x day :(

*2 oz lean protein (homemade turkey breast meatloaf-I DO recommend "Perfect Meatloaf" pans...)
*whole fruit (organic and free at work-thank you work!)

10 AM. At work.

Paper plates "compostable?
(at first I was reading it upside down and thought "what the..."). I went to the website.

Plates made from sugar cane fiber. ruh roh
I could find nothing about testing these puppies in a microwave. omg. what if they give off cane sugar? I saw what cane sugar did to my arm in testing-an angry red welt about 4" in diameter.
I phoned.

The lady was very nice and said she would ask her manager and email me.
She did
No sugar.
I'm going to bring my own plate anyway.

The Candyman says "you can even eat the DISHES!" horrible childhood flashbacks...ahhh!!!
I'm trying to quit Diet Coke. It's hard. "I thought I had found a panacea in this "Simply Squeeze" (on LEFT) water flavorer er..water treatment.

After work, I happily stopped at my neighborhood grocery and went to pick up another bottle. To my horror: SUCRALOSE (corn) AHHH! Nooo!!

Plan B: "Remain calm. Get Kool Aid and use Stevia and make your own."
I'm trying not to cry....Crystal Light (CORN!), Any "water treatment" (CORN!)
Deep Breath.

Plan C: Recheck water aisle. Walk past couple arguing over quitting alcohol...
I've had this before. Was good. "Sparkling Water, 'Natural Flavors' "
What does that MEAN?

I went to website on phone "Sorry, you need flash!" No, I don't....
I phoned.
The lady was very nice and said she would look that up for me, asked if it was food allergies       (omg, the word is OUT). "Yes"
"Flavored by strawberries, blueberries and raspberries" she said.
I bought it.


  1. Although we are both plant lovers, I never understood why we have to see our corn "twice" if you know what I mean. At any rate, I have been studying plants and have learned that surcose is made via dehydration synthesis...glucose+fructose-H20=sucrose. To reverse the process, we should be able to just add H20. However, sometimes this may take along time for bonds to do their thing. But adding acid,as in lemon juice or digestive acid speeds up this process. Perhaps

    1. Hi Hana,
      Sorry for the delay in responding (it seems I can only do that on my laptop, not my phone. I'm learning).
      What you wrote makes sense. I do take probiotics but I would be interested to experiment with acids in water when I'm exposed to corn again.
      Worth a try. Thanks! :)

  2. the digestive juices may be off? IDK just a thought.