Sunday, February 5, 2012

I hate food

I am allergic to:
*corn  (all the "dex" es except "Dexter" - I like that show)
*dairy (whey, casein, "lac", hydolyzed veg protein)
*soy   (I used to make my own tofu :( -messy but fun, MSG)
*cane sugar

My Doctor and nutritionist have suggested a low fat/no grain diet
*no oatmeal, rice etc
*Foods (meats) with 20% fat or less

For personal reasons, I try to choose foods in which the animal lead a fair life and was killed humanely and quickly:
You know what I'm talking about-happy roaming chickens, happy roaming cows, happy piggies, no hormones (although mine make me happy, but I digress...), no endangered species "um here is some 'special turtle soup for you'... no thanks.

"moooo!" yay! Sorry, I may eat you.
"bok bok" yay! Sorry I may eat you.
"swim swim our population is okay" yay! Sorry I may eat you.

I tried being vegetarian. I tried being vegan. I could do neither, and so, they were eaten. : /

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