Saturday, February 25, 2012

LaCroix helped me quit Diet Coke

12 cans a day. That's how many Diet Cokes I used to go through @ a high-stress job. 12. I used to buy cases when they were on sale 4 for $10. Now my current job offers them for free. Diet Coke addict. That was me. Then I found LaCroix. By accident. I thought I wanted a cold, sweet drink. All flavorings were poisoned by corn and/or soy or Caramel Color (dairy). LaCroix. I was wary of "flavoring". I called. The lady was so nice and assured me that the flavors were from the actual fruits, not artificial. Cold. Fizzy. Grapefruit. In my hand, slogging it down as I stare at my demanding computer. Every day. 6 a day. Water. I'm drinking water.

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