Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recipe 1 Chicken Wraps

Level: Easy
Taste: Tacktastic!
6oz is about the full size of your hand

*6oz of lean cookd chicken (ground chicken breast or Jennie O turkey tenderloins)

 (slow cooked & pre-frozen with veggies is great. The veggies give the chicken moisture (thanks, mom!)).

*put handful of veggies like can of green chilies, some jarred mild red peppers, carrots, whatever in chicken
*heat for 1 min

*4 leaves of butter lettuce (iceburg ok too)

Sauce (mix all in a cup):
*1/3 C vinegar
*1/4 C or less of Stevia in the Raw
*Sesame seeds-3Tablespoons
*1T hot chili sauce (the Vietnamese one with the rooster on it)

Put cooked chicken in the butter lettuce on a plate. Drizzle with Sauce. YUM

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