Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tacktasticness and cookbooks

For years my mother (a gourmand) has been trying to get me to cook, sending mail clippings and emails to no avail. "Pintrest" who has me on some snotty-girl lockout "waitlist" posts cupcakes (thanks, I'm itchy now) and wood-nymph-impossible-hairdos.

So, as my revenge, I post this blog of my own "tackboard". Tacktastic!!

I bought several cookbooks from the used bookstore today and am wondering this:

"Can I possibly make a decent set of recipes that I can eat from these cookbooks?":

*"The Kid Friendly ADHD & Austim Cookbook" (yes, I do have unmedicated ADHD...)
*Perfect Chinese (because I'm learning Mandarin and like PF Chang Lettuce Wraps)
*Once-a-month cooking (because I work or travel full time)
*Paula Deen's Savannah cookbook (because she said she loved "mashed potatoes n cigarettes")
*Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook 15th edition (because its a classic!)

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