Monday, February 6, 2012


Dinner tonight is easy.No dry, tasteless turkey or chicken
No carbs
Level: Easy
Taste: Tacktastic!

Glop (as it is lovingly or sarcastically refered to) is

*1Cup "NOW" brand egg white protein
*1/2 Cup Stevia in the Raw
*1 heaping large spoonful (the kind in your kitchen drawer) of Baking Chocolate Powder
*2 Handfuls ice
Blend it in a blender
Drink up!
Eat the foam with the chocolate spoon!
Keep rest in fridge and reblend to fluff it up :p

Other names for GLOP! are "EWW SICK!", "Are you really going to EAT that?" and "GROSS"

A word of caution:
When first opening "NOW" egg white protein jar, let it air out with the lid off for a few hours. Opened fresh, it has this horrible ammonia smell (well, I can smell it).
Then put it in fridge.

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