Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disco Diva and Whole Food Hell

I met w my nutritionist yesterday who knew I was an enigma. I'm her toughest case (not proud of that). I had forgotten to tell her that I am insulin resistant (sugar gets stuck in my muscles and cannot feed my cells). The only way I know to get the glycogen out is to lift weights or excercise. (Dr Oz). She told me "well, no wonder! Being pre-diabetic means that I have to excercise a min of 30mins/day but not get my heart rate up (that's why interval training/having a trainer at one time and spinning don't work for me. A high heart rate releases insulin-to which I am resistant. Getting it too high will push me into being type 2. No wonder and thank god (I hated the 5AM class and was getting no results). I did what I enjoy a lot-dancing! I turned on the TV and put it on trance/dance music-being careful NOT to get into Flashdance Manic mode. I can do this! Whole Foods Hell: Unlike dancing, I hate going to Whole Foods. The 2 I have access to are understaffed and over crowded. Narrow aisles and displays in the aisles, making it worse. Ugh. They didn't have Red clover tea, Raspberry Ketones and CLA. The CLA they did have was full of soy, sugar etc-seriously?! The 1 bright spot was speaking to an elderly woman looking @ Chia seeds. She had never heard of a Chia pet or seen the Dr Oz show. I said "oh, girl, you have a DVR? The recording thing? Just do a search on "Oz" and you will find it. It comes on channel 13 @ 3". And helped her pick out some Chia seeds. She was so thankful and so was I. I did find LaCroix in 'grapefruit' and some edible flowers-awesome!

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