Sunday, May 27, 2012

Portobello Pizza

I cry when I go to the grocery store. Most convenience foods have something I'm allergic to-this means everything is made from scratch. This means I'm either working or cooking. It's exhausting. Pizza. 1. Pizza sauce: let sit 30mins 2. Carve out portobello mushroom cap. 3. Cook cap @ 350 for 5mins. 4. Slather some basil pesto on cap. 5. Put on pizza sauce. 6. Put on toppings (I used diced peppers). 7. Sprinkle "cheese" (for the non-allergic Parm or Mozzy), for the vegan-found a great one :daiya mozzarella. *****
Its the only pic I could get. Pizzas went fast! :@

1 comment :

  1. I feel your pain..we are a soy,egg, dairy and grain free family (all of different allergies) ...I ate at pappasitos today and paying for it...I am like you, I am sick of eating...sigh...will check out your blog for sure!
    Heather in Fredericksburg, TX