Friday, May 10, 2013

AWFULly good waffles!


Missed them, love them.

How in the world to have some while watching my weight, avoiding wheat and on yeast free diet?

Garbanzo bean flour!

1/4 C Garbanzo bean flour
Mix with water to pancake consistency
Cook in babycakes finger waffle iron

In a Pyrex cup,
1T coconut oil
Few drops of butter flavor extract
2 droppers of English Toffee Stevia
Zap for 20 sec

Makes 3 waffle fingers
Dip in coconut oil mix ( syrup)

6 WW points plus

My husband tasted them once.
He spit it out and said
" how do you EAT these?!
They're AWFUL!"


To me, they're awfully good!


  1. Avoiding wheat is hard enough. Avoiding yeast is even harder. I have a LOT of friends with food allergies. In fact just in the last 5 years or so *I* have developed allergies to cinnamon and peanuts when I did not used to be allergic to them. Something is very very wrong with our food sources. When my father was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years ago, I spent a week writing a gluten free cookbook for my parents, because that diagnosis meant a total change in how they were used to cooking. And my mom is a very good cook! This was quite traumatic for them. I have the e-book available for free if you would like a copy of it. I'll have to find the link again. Just let me know if you're interested.

  2. Can you have coconut flour? Or almond flour? I bet it would taste betting than the garbonzo bean flour. My Mom gets a brand called "Mama's" (yes that's really the brand name, no my Mom doesn't make it) and it is mostly coconut flour. They have an almond blend too. It's gluten free and it is excellent. Our local Safeway sells it now. It's about $5 a bag. Maybe you can order it on Amazon if your local store doesn't have it?