Saturday, May 25, 2013


I watched a documentary the other day by chance.
It happened to be one if the first films listed on a new app.

So, I bit. 

Thinking I was going to get some sort of patchouli-scented lecture, I watched.  

And kept watching this endearing Aussie man 100 lbs overweight and dealing with a bad skin condition talk about micronutrients and juicing. 

The movie  "fat, sick and nearly dead" is his the beginning of his 60 day journey of consuming nothing but high- nutrient juice as he crosses the US, wondering if he can cure himself and resist hamburgers, fries, etc.

Since I discovered Xanthan gum comes from corn, my chocolate shake is out as an alternative quick breakfast as per doctors orders. 

Here's my new Breville Juicer from amazon-love both!

3 big bunches kale, take off stem
10 bunches reg parsley 
3 gala apples, pears, oranges
Bag of celery hearts- optional 
1 lemon peeled

To wash off pesticides:
Soak veggies in big bowl 
1/4 C sea salt
1 C white vinegar. 

Rinse really well if you are on yeast free diet. 

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