Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Pain of the Pain

Tanger, Morocco, Africa. 

The second language is French and it came in handy since I don't speak Arabic. Aside from hello and thank you. 

The word for bread in French "pain" pronounced "pahn" But spelled "pain"...And for good reason:

So much grain and sugar  here. Brown round bread and pizzas are baked in a tiny stucco and stone room by hottest fire in the morning by the men. They have the tough hands needed for the dough. The patisseries are made by the women with more delicate  "golden hands" and then baked by the cooler fires in the afternoon.  When I have some sugar or bread,  I just want more and more. And now on day 3, the pain from the wheat that is only alleviated by hydrocodone, of which I have none, has returned.  

But there will still be cava to counteract the pain of the pain. 

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