Sunday, April 8, 2012

Low Cal/Low Fat Nit Noi Hurry Curry Red -my version

Easter morning.
I'm craving. NitNoi "Hurry Curry Red" like nobody's business.
I drive there.
I google "Asia market" and find one.             
Here's my recipe:
*1lb chicken breast cut to bite-size pieces.
*1T coconut oil
*1-3.5 T Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste (this is the Panang curry with shallots and shrimp paste).
*2 cans La Croix Coconut sparkling water
*long beans or green beans with ends cut off (3-4 handfuls).
*2 cups bite-size slice fresh tomato
*1 20oz. can pineapple chunks-drained.
*Thai basil (or sweet basil) fresh.
*1 fist-sized red potato microwaved for 6+ minutes until soft.
6 T potato starch dissolved in cold water
Large frying pan.
Med High heat.
Add coconut oil and curry paste.
Add 2 C of LaCroix coconut water-mix paste/oil/water in pan until it boils.
Add chicken. Stir.
Add rest of LaCroix water and stir until bubbly.
Add green beans.
Add potato chunks.
Add pineapple chunks. Simmer until beans a bit soft.
Add tomato and basil.
Slowly add the potato starch mixed with water until sauce seems to thicken.
Serve with more basil. :p
****so, calories and servings*** best estimate from ingredients and math skills....
Serves 3 (2 if you are nutso for Nit Noi)
Calories  365
Fat g           7

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