Monday, April 16, 2012

KFC Chickn my version

Modified from Todd Wilbur and Dr. Oz: From DVR first, then i will try it at some point. ****** BRINE: Corn free salt (1/2 Cup)? 2T fish sauce. skinless chkkn. Soak chkn in Brine 2hrs in fridge. *************** equiv egg whites to 4 eggs. To drag chicken thru before breading. "BREADING": potato flour + crushed rice crackers. 1 C each. 1/4 C Stevia powder ********** 11 herbs and spices: corn free salt. White pepper. Tellicherry pepper. ( Sage. Paprika. Savory. Onion powder. Marjoram. Ginger. Garlic powder. Cayenne pepper. ******************* canola oil spray. Oven 375. 45 mins.
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