Sunday, April 29, 2012

Low fat egg salad

Each day I am requested by my nutritionist to have 1/2C lean protein and 1/4C fruit or potato as a snack. I hate dry chicken and salmon cups have soy in them, so that leaves me to buy a TON of Free-Range-Happy-Hen eggs. I cook on Sundays at least 3 doz eggs now since I have found a way to cook eggs that are not disgusting: *1 big mixing bowl. *12 snack size ziplocs. *3 doz eggs-soft boiled. *2 C minced celery. *2 bunches minced green onions and stems. *prepared mustard *********************** *boil big pot water. *Add eggs gently to boiling water w ladle or pasta scoop. *boil for 6mins, empty boiled water onto fireant pile if available. *add cold water and ice to cool eggs. *peel all eggs and save only 3 yolks. *put cooked eggs whites, 3 soft yolks, celery and onions in big bowl. Add enough mustard in the to make it gooey. Add plain or sea salt and pepper to taste.

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