Thursday, September 5, 2013

of Mice, Meatballs and Migranes

You all know that I am no saint when it comes to hamburger.
remember " Cold Turkey, Hot Burger"?

Well, today I got a migraine like never before. 

I toughed it out at work until I saw honeycomb patterns in front of me and knew I had to beat the traffic home. (" is this what FLIES see?!")


To bed I went. 

I think it has a cool, Deadmaus qual to it...

I was starving and wanted " quiet food".

Meatballs from Russo's in the neighborhood sounded good. 

No hummus.
No garbanzos and chili oil.
Not even cookie dough, people.

Damn, that's serious.

So my guy, who was past the worst of his bout with it-and he's supertough too-went to get the goods.

In bed. 
Deadmaus style.

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