Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alien Disc Apple Pie

***Part of the Pintester Movement***

At our beef cattle ranch, we are hosting a party for some Chinese folks from Beijing. ( beef cattle ranch? Aren't you vegan? Mostly yes. A tenant puts mommas and babies on to eat the grass and pays our taxes, so, we're part of the sustainable ranching thing but I digress).

A pic of Miss Sassyboo, the donkey.
She looks super with an app called "Portrait Painter".

We want to show the Chinese a very American, ranch, country experience, so there IS going to be BBQ, salmon and veggies.
Drawer of MEAT:

My guy does AMAZING things with this puppy:

But what to have for dessert?
Berries would be unusual for them , so we have those, but what's more American than Apple Pie?

Pinterest for inspiration:

And then reality sets in...

I have shit to do and I'm still in my bathrobe.

I may need one if these:

thank god for allergy laden pie:

That they have to instruct people to take OFF the plastic scares me.

Looks good without the box and "Portrait Painter" What?! 
A new level of FOOD PORN is possible with this app!

Behold the 

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