Monday, January 14, 2013

There's Donkey peanut butter and then there's "Jay" peanut butter...

Peanut butter.

And bananas.

I just LOVE it.

But regular PB can be a lot of points. And many 'defatted' peanut butters have sugar or allergens.

I did find that peanut powder online. And it's great. Mix with water and salt-voila!

"Disgusting". "Sick". "There's Donkey Peanut Butter. And then there's yours."


Fair enough. I imagine that eating mostly vegan whole foods ruins my taste buds. Everything is WAAAY too sweet for me.

Except Snickers.

But I digress...

My fiance' likes normal-people peanut butter, because, well, he's normal.

After 1 morning of noticing the donkey's interest in normal peanut butter, we bought generic for the donkey to trick her into taking worming paste at some point in the unknown future. She turned her nose. She likes normal-people peanut butter.

She's a discerning donkey.

Perhaps we should have a taste test.

And then there's my low-point peanut butter that is great on bananas or with sugar free jam.

But not alone.

For those rare occasions I NEED a T of the real thing, I eat what the normal people do.

And the donkeys...
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