Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sensa v. Tortilla Girl...

Arturos in Old Town Spring, TX. A favortite haunt from the days when I lived here.

The breakfasts are to die for. Slow-cooked pork, chorizos, amazing flavors.

I decided to play it safe and order what I was familiar with pointwise. 2 eggs, bacon and flour TORTILLAS!! 4 + 2 + 11=17 (brunch here people..)

You know what I mean-those soft, delicious pancakey-tasting discs from heaven (and Mexico).
Confronted with a "warmer" of those I will "just have 1 more" and "just 1 more" if they're in front of me. At 4 points for a 6" small one, I just can't afford that.

I went to church this morning, so, upon seeing the "warmer" I prayed...

And sprinkled Sensa.

It lended a weird texture but kept me to 2.8 small ones. Notice just the little bit left. Also, the fattening refried beans and potatoes stayed put.

I think I'll order Sensa Month 2 and see what happens. It seems to work on fattening foods. Within a minute or so of remembering to put it on, I wasn't ravenous.
And that's a big deal for Tortilla Girl...

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