Friday, March 23, 2012

WAH! Hine!

Vacation in Hawaii. <p> Fantastic fish, fresh veg, fruit-I couldn't wait.<p>Sushi bar was fantastic!<p>And then there was Kona. <p>We stopped at a place that looked busy and assumed it must be good.<p>Pizza. Sandwiches piled with mayo and goo. <p> I double checked the menu for SOMEthing "romaine salad with chicken". Translation "head of dry lettuce with even drier chicken"...<p> I looked around...people were smiling, laughing, enjoying their food. I was faced with this. AGAIN. I would rather take this in pill form and be done with it. <p> The beer was out of self-preservation because I was so sad about this plate of lettuce staring at me. <p> "excuse me, where is the ladies' room? I think I'm gonna be sick or cry in there"...WAAAA!!!

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