Friday, March 23, 2012

There is hope!

I was referred to another nutritionist to which I'm very grateful. Stress is my big culprit. "How long have you been stressed?" She asked. "Since I was 5" I said. "I was a premature by 6 weeks, not fully formed and had sickness and allergies all my life (Grave's, hypoglycemia, you name it). At any rate, we realized I'm starving and added 3-4 more small meals in-yay! I can eat 5 eggs at a time but only 1 yolk-I can do that :p. "If you're hungry @ 2-3 hours then your metabolism is going up. If hungry in 1 hour, its going down. Mine was going down. I just had some mediteranian food-salad with onions, peppers etc, some hummus, califlower and some chicken that was tasty. Now am sitting @ outdoor cafe in beautiful weather remembering the best news "your cells are 14 years younger than your age!" Yes!!! Thanks Dr E.!

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