Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Does it pay to get convenience broccoli?

In a word, YES!

Sunday afternoon and  I'm reeling from 
A Saturday. Where I cooked and prepped foods ALL DAY. 

It seemed. 

"She's choppin' broccoli..."

I got to wondering : "would it have been more economical to get steamer bags of florets rather than all this chopping?"

So, on the way home, my guy indulged me, also being a scienceth nerd. 

We got 1.5 lbs of broccoli with stem. 

A cart full of groceries later, we headed home to conduct the experiment. 

I carefully cut the florets from the raab and then cut the crown from the stem. My hands could feel the varying weights and sauce and soup cans helped me estimate the weight of each. ( remember when soup cans were really a pound and could be used for working out?)

1.5 lbs = 16 + 8 or 24 oz

Florets-8oz -a bit less than can chicken soup
Crown 6 oz-abt same as tomato sauce 
Stem- 10oz about same as chicken soup

24 oz


1.5 @ 1.99/lb is about $2.50
Florets 30%= $0.75 for .45lbs
Crown: 25%= $0.63
Stem: 45%=$1.12

Florets $0.75/.45lbs = $x/1lb

Cross multiply:0.45x=$0.75/1lbs
Divide: x=$0.75/.45lbs

In progress....

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  1. You lost me somewhere in the math... what did you decide? Just buy the frozen stuff?